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Nirvana Nirvan (Founder)

Founder of Nirvana Academy

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Nirvana Nirvan (Founder)

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A Visionary Violin Teacher

At the heart of Nirvana Academy of Violin is its founder, Nirvana, a versatile musician and dedicated violin teacher. Teaching music is more than a profession for Nirvana; it is a life mission. With over two decades of experience, Nirvana continually refines her pedagogical approaches and strategies to cultivate musical enthusiasm in all her students, regardless of their background and temperament. Nirvana’s journey in music education began at 17 as a teaching assistant at a music conservatory. Her diverse experience working with young and adult learners has shaped her unique teaching philosophy. She believes in creating a pressure-free environment where students are not intimidated but encouraged to become stronger musicians and develop a profound bond with their instrument.

Innovative and Teaching Approach

Nirvana’s teaching methods are sensitive to individual differences and focus on the holistic development of her students.

She emphasizes that becoming a good violinist is not solely about talent or practice. According to Nirvana, “The challenge of adapting to several different cultures and my drive to understand every child and parent at a deeper level has helped me understand people and connect with them more meaningfully.”

Her approach involves teaching students to improve in four key aspects: focus, balance, strength, and artistry.

Nurturing these qualities, Nirvana helps her students progress faster and achieve their musical goals.

Over the past 23 years, Nirvana has taught music in four languages to over 600 students, showcasing her adaptability and unwavering commitment to music education.

This dedication is what sets her apart and makes her an ideal teacher for those seeking a comprehensive and personalized learning experience.

Focus Areas:

Designing curriculum, teaching and improving technique, detecting/fixing physical injuries resulted from playing violin, teacher training, exam and audition preparation, orchestra conducting, designing group activities

Student's Level:

Intermediate, advanced

Studio Location:

Haysboro (SW), Downtown (SW)

Lesson duration:

60+ minutes

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Nirvana's Fees

45 Minutes / Lesson


60 Minutes / Lesson



75 Minutes / Lesson


$425 / Month

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