Technology is turning the children of new generation into a generation of hunchbacks! The effects of bad posture can have serious negative effects on our children’s health. Those effects include:

  • Spinal Curve
  • Back Pain
  • Body Pain
  • Digestion
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Varicose Veins
  • Falls in the Elderly Mood

Our Philosophy

Violinists are both athletes and artists! We believe that approaching the violin first as sport and then as art will make a huge difference in the way we learn the violin. In our violin lessons, we work around 4 major elements to shape the student into a strong performer; those 4 elements are strength, balance, focus, and art.


Learn the Correct Technique

Learn the most proper and correct technique In order to create the best sound and to improve rapidly


Learn how to be Confident

Being confident involves many factors which play major roles in the performance. Learn how to be really confident when you perform


Improve 3x Faster than other Students

With unique methods and skills of teaching, students will be guaranteed to improve 3 times faster than other violin students


Learn how to use your imagination

A violinist is an actor who has to tell a story without using their voices. Students will be taught how to narrate stories through their instrument

While we work on strengthening the body and posture of the student, we integrate exercises to improve balance. Once balance is in the picture and student learns to be more grounded, we help them to improve their focus through our creative “focus improvement” techniques. While we focus on “strength, balance and focus”, we then work on strengthening student’s listening ability and their creativity and help them with the artistic part of playing the violin.