Privacy Policy

Method of Payment 

Credit Card: student authorizes the academy to withdraw automatic equal payments (4 private lessons per month) on the first day of every month. Automatic payments apply only on “regular weekly lessons” ( one on one classes). For other types of lessons such as rehearsals, extra lessons, or purchasing books, etc., the credit card shall be processed only with the client’s written permission. Other types of payments such as cash and cheques are also accepted for non-regular lessons or book purchases.

Please note that there is a transaction fee of 2.5% when your creditcard is processed.

Post-dated Cheques: student (those who register at the beginning of September) provides 10 post-dated cheques of equal payments (4 private lessons per month, a total of 40 lessons until June 30th 2018) each dated for the 1st of every month for regular private weekly lessons. For other types of lessons such as rehearsals, random lessons, extra lessons, or book purchases, etc., payment methods in the form of cheques, cash, or credit card are also acceptable. The cheques shall be provided before the 1st of the next month.

Cash: the tuition of every semester (4 months + 6 month) shall be paid in full at the beginning of every semester.

In case students sign up after September, the number of lessons until the end of June 2017 will be counted and number of cheques will be calculated accordingly. With creditcard payments, also the number of lessons until the end of June 2017 will be counted and the number of automatic payments will be calculated accordingly.

Suzuki Group Lessons and Orchestra Fees

Group classes and orchestra fees will be paid in full for each semester. The amount will be determined based on how many sessions we will have in a semester.

Registration Fee

 $100 = for full year (September-September)

 $60 = for half year  (September-February, February-September)

 Please note that the registration fee is a nonrefundable fee. 

Recital Dates

Christmas Recital = December 16 

Spring Recital = May 5, 2018

Cancellation and Make up Lessons

One missed lesson per semester (September-December and January-June) is eligible for a make up only if there is at least a 24-hour notice. Make up lessons shall happen only during teaching hours. This policy might change in the future.

Lesson cancelled by teacher

Teachers are responsible to reschedule the lessons they cancel whether they are canceled on a short notice or a long notice.

Class Termination:

If the client (student) wishes to terminate their classes, they are required to give one month notice at the beginning of the month. For instance, if the notice is given March 15th, the payments will stop on April 30th. The notice should be given on March 1st  or before in order for the payment to stop on March 30th. This amount of time will allow the studio to find a new student, hence less damage to the academy. After one month, recurring payments on credit cards will be stopped and post-dated cheques will be returned to the client (student).

Piano Accompanist:

The academy takes the responsibility to provide students with an accompanist for recitals, RCM exams and other events. Accompanist fees are paid separately from regular lesson fees. 

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time