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Star is one of the most experienced violin instructors at Nirvana Academy of Violin.

With thirty years of teaching experience, Star is dedicated to ensuring student success and fostering a love for music. 

She holds a Music Degree from Mount Allison University in New Brunswick, where she developed a strong foundation in classical violin. 

Star’s diverse performance background includes playing with renowned East Coast artists like the Barra MacNeils and Western legends like Ian Tyson. 

Notably, Star was nominated as New Artist of the Year for the Canadian Dove Awards for her performances with her band An Realt, a testament to her versatility and musical prowess.

Athletic Insight and Musical Training

Beyond her musical achievements, Star has a unique perspective on the physical demands of playing the violin. 

She spent four years competing as a Carded Rower for Canada, which has given her an in-depth understanding of the athleticism involved in playing the violin. 

This insight helps her teach students how to maintain to enhance their performance.

Star has also studied voice with David Shefsiek from the Lethbridge University Conservatory for the past eight years, adding another dimension to her musical expertise. 


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