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Focus areas: technique, exam preparation, musicianship, theory

Student’s level: beginner, intermediate

Studio location: Tuxedo Park

Lesson duration and fees:
30 minute lessons: $120 / month (4 lessons)
45 minute lessons: $160 / month (4 lessons)
60 minute lessons: $210 / month (4 lessons)

I have been playing the violin since the age of 4 1/2, taking lessons from Ms. Nirvana for 10 years. I am currently in Level 8 RCM for violin and Level 4 RCM for piano. In addition to this, I am able to play the guitar and I hope to play the harp in the near future. I participated in the Nirvana Academy of Violin’s Orchestra, as well as paid gigs. I am also active in school concert bands, playing the trombone in junior high and currently doing percussion in high school band. I have a very deep interest in learning different types of instruments.

I absolutely love how music can express emotions, spirit and bring meaning into someone’s life that can’t usually be expressed in words. And I am very grateful that I have been given the opportunity to bring this meaning into others’ lives through the violin.