Nirvana Academy’s String orchestra program

Educational String Orchestra for Intermediate/Advanced musicians 

Rehearsal days: Thursday evenings
 First rehearsal date: January 24, 2019
Concert day: TBA
Rehearsal time: 7:30pm – 9:00pm
Rehearsal location: 101 – 14 Ave. SW. Hungarian Presbyterian Church
Age group: 10+
Level: RCM 4+
Audition: no need for a formal audition. A short meet and greet and perhaps playing a little tune
in order to be placed in the right section of the orchestra.

How this program will benefit you:

You will have the opportunity to play alongside professional/experienced musicians in the same orchestra.

You will receive instructions on technical aspects of playing string instruments (different bow techniques, fingering techniques, etc.) and instructions on how to play as an orchestra musician and blend with other members.

Playing in an orchestra will improve your abilities in listening, following and synchronizing, and it helps you become a stronger holistic musician.

What do we need from you?

Be fluent in reading music
Enjoy teamwork
Have a passion for music

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Nirvana taught my twin daughters violin from the ages of 6 through 10, and taught my youngest daughter piano for several years. As a teacher of music to children, Nirvana struck the right balance between good humour and strong discipline. My children always enjoyed their lessons and showed steady progress. They looked forward to their time with Nirvana, and appreciated the additional materials she brought in (music videos online, additional pieces to listen to, composition software, etc.). Nirvana placed a lot of emphasis on technique, posture, breathing and stance, as well as making sure they developed an ear for the music and learned to read it. As a non-musical parent, it was nevertheless very clear to me that my children were picking up a lot from their teacher, and that she was encouraging in them an appreciation and enthusiasm for music beyond just the learning of an instrument.

I would not hesitate to recommend Nirvana as a violin teacher; indeed, I have sent several of my friends her way over the years!

Nirvana is an enthusiastic teacher with a wealth of knowledge. She helped me grow as a violinist in many facets.

Nirvana is a wonderful teacher. She is a professional with an open minded and encouraging attitude. Her lessons were challenging but I enjoyed them very much!

Nirvana was our daughters violin teacher for 2 years. Our daughter connected immediately with Nirvana and excelled under her guidance. We found Nirvana to be very personable, inspiring and creative in the way she taught. Nirvana is highly recommended by our family!

Nirvana is an experienced teacher, whose passion and musical sensitivity enhance each lesson. She always went the extra mile to enrich my lessons, providing additional resources and getting to know me on a personal level. She was well attuned to my personal needs and goals, so that I was both challenged to improve and unafraid to make mistakes. Overall, I had a wonderful experience as her student!

Nirvana interested me in Violin even more than I was already interested.

Nirvana is an enthusiastic teacher with a wealth of knowledge. She helped me grow as a violinist in many facets.

Nirvana is an exceptional teacher. Dedicated, caring and she brought out the best in my daughter Cristina. I wish you great success with your academy.