Violin, Ear Training and Theory RCM Exam Preparation Courses

As a certified teacher with the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) system, I have prepared many students, including gold medalists, for the violin RCM exams over the past several years. Helping our students succeed with their exams has always been a primary motivator for me. I strongly believe in providing our students with the support they need to reach their goals!

There are some aspects of exam preparation that cannot be covered throughout the course of a normal music class. To meet student needs, we have created some specialized courses to help with exam preparations.

RCM Theory Level 5


The first theory exam with the RCM system is now Theory Level 5. Students must take their theory exams alongside their practical exams to receive their level certificates. This course is designed to prepare students for their first RCM theory exam.

The Preparatory Level exam used to be a part of the RCM examination system, but has since been removed. However, students still need a fundamental basis in rudimentary musical theory to succeed in their level 5 examinations. As such, this course starts with a review of preparatory level material.

Reward: student(s) who pass their theory exam with 90 and above will receive $50 gift card!

Duration of each session: 1 hour
Schedule: Winter Semester, 2021

Jan 16 & 30

Feb 13 & 27

March 6 & 13 (session moved to the 13th due to Spring break on March 21st-27th)

April 10 & 24

May 8 & 22

Books Required:

RCM Theory Level 5link to purchase
Time 11:00 am
Fee (monthly) $60 per month
Fee (when combined with one of ear training classes ) $52 per month
Total monthly (Theory Level 5 + Ear -Training) $82 per month


Students must be able to read music fluently and have foundational knowledge (such as knowing note names and understanding sharps and flat) in order to register for this course.